‘timpani’ basso performance chairs

Concert Design first to provide multi-adjustable ergonomic bass stools for musicians of all orchestra bass sections, as well as individual bassists. Timpanists enjoy the extra height available with this stool; available swivel or non-swivel; double cutaway seat designed for best comfort.

MUST READ – Fact sheet for ‘concert’ and ‘timpani’ basso and information about custom design

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to your body requirements;
* adjust back support vertically and horizontally to provide support where your body needs it, small, won’t interfere with arm movement, removable, if desired;
* quick, quiet, simple adjustment (even during performance);
* foot-ring (included with ‘concert’ basso) adjusts independently;
* fabric used on seat and back tested for long life and comfort; high quality foam for support and firmness;
* the timpani bass chair will provide years of use. If a seat (or any component) becomes damaged, that part can simply be replaced and the life of the bass stool continues;
* industrial-strength base, shock and seat mechanism are tapered and lock into each other securely;
* fitted with an anti-rotation clamp on the shock to provide exceptional stability while seated (non-swivel);
* seat mechanism in conjunction with the gas shock and the design of the back uprights provides the multi-adjustability of height, gradient and back support.
* additional PVC clamp prevents foot ring movement.
* additional PVC anti-bounce clamp prevents shock bounce.
* height 24″- 33″ (56-81.3cm) with 10″ (254mm) shock.
* height 30″- 38″ (71.1-96.5cm) 8″ (20.3cm) extension.
* height 32″- 40″(76.2-101.6cm) 10″ ( 25.3cm) extension.
* anti-bounce clamp raises lower height by 1.5″ (3.8cm).

$1,065USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

View Timpani Chair non-swivel with 10″ hub.

orchestra stacking chair * additional PVC clamp prevents foot ring movement.
* height 22″- 33″ (56-81.3cm) with 10″ (254mm) shock.
* height 28″- 38″ (71.1-96.5cm) 8″ (20.3cm) extension.
* height 30″- 40″ (76.2-101.6cm) 10″ (25.3cm) extension.
* anti-bounce clamp raises lower height by 2″ (5cm).

All the same features as our ‘concert’ Basso. We recommend two extra-tall adjustable foot supports.
NOTE: Timpani Chair is available in swivel as shown
$250USD each foot-support

$1065USD Swivel

View Timpani Chair swivel with 10″ hub.

gseat styles Top view of the ‘concert’ basso and ‘gig’ molto stool seats.

Click on picture to enlarge and view descriptions.

Any of the ‘concert’ basso 15″ round, oval, cutaway and double cutaway seats may be used on the ‘gig’ stools.

The SF double cutaway seat and the 13″ round seat will not fit on the multi-adjustable ‘concert’ basso due to the size of the seat mechanism on the ‘concert’ basso.

Explanation of seat types

Replacement seat pricing (every stool or chair comes with the seat of your choice; prices given here are for an ‘extra’ seat or replacement seat).

$170USD for any ‘concert’ basso seat

$220USD for custom seat

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