Technical Information

harp chair

harp chair

All Concert Design Performance Chairs incorporate the latest technology: maximum stability is attained because body weight is transferred to the centre of the chair via the shock and then distributed into the five-star base, eliminates tipping, provides maximum stability.

Concert Design Performance Chairs are multi-adjustable and adjust to YOU rather than your body conforming to the structure of chairs, benches or stools meant for other purposes. Once adjusted, our Performance Chairs fit like a glove.

Gas Shock- the quickest and quietest way, ever, to adjust height.
* lift the right front lever; use your body weight and legs to raise and/or lower the seat to the height required;
* lift the right rear lever to adjust gradient of seat to your requirement;
Note: the ability to position the seat with a forward slope is scientifically correct for relieving tension and fatigue.
* the centre gas shock is available in varying lengths for your body structure and instrument requirements;
* all components are industrial; the seat mechanism in conjunction with the gas shock and the design of the back uprights, provides the multi-adjustability of height, gradient and back support.

All Performance Chairs are designed specifically non-swivel.
* Concert Design anti-rotation mechanism designed to last a lifetime, eliminates sideways
movement of the seat;
* it is very important that all musicians use Performance Chairs which do not swivel.
Given the movement of the musician in performance, the size and (sometimes) unwieldy shape
of the instrument, seating must be stable and support the musician. Seating which swivels
contributes to serious injury and future medical problems.

Five-star Base – chosen for stability; chosen to eliminate tipping.
* neither a conventional four-leg bench/chair or pedestal stool can achieve the stability and comfort
of the Concert Design Performance Chairs;
* non-slip and non-marring glides.

Back-Rest – supports exactly where you wish, adjusts vertically and horizontally.
* the Concert Design Performance Chair back-rest allows the musician full support right
at the lumbar, promoting good posture, aligning the spine so you can concentrate on your performance.
Consistently using a back-rest strengthens the ability to practice and perform for longer periods of time.
* back upright can be locked at any height you desire via knob on right side (back-rest most efficient
positioned right at the lumbar);
* back upright is bent to give you back support as far into the seat as you choose;
* lever on left locks back-rest at depth you desire;
* back-rests are removable for on-stage performance, if preferred;
* back upright bar is available in straight, 2-inch bend, and 4-inch bend,
(view ‘gig’ Basso web page and Allegro web page for back-rests specific to these designs);
The importance of using a back-rest must be emphasized again. Harpists, for example, bear
the weight of the harp on the shoulder. A back-rest helps support the body giving more freedom to perform. Bassists can relax during rest periods and enjoy the support of the back-rest.

Seat – designed to improve posture and look wonderful.
* quality components last a lifetime;
* adjust to 7-degree forward slope; scientifically correct for relieving tension and fatigue;
* high quality molded foam for comfort and firmness. Firm padding on seat with waterfall curved front edge is an extremely important feature in cushioning the arteries in the back of the legs thus offsetting any constriction of blood supply to the legs putting pressure on the sciatica;
* industrial fabric on seat and back-rest meets high standards;
Concert Design works with musicians to develop the different seat shapes for each performance chair. All seat shapes are interchangeable amongst all models. View the individual web pages for descriptions of the various seat shapes. We custom design; please feel free to talk with us about your requests.

Information re manufacture and materials.
Concert Design purchases many of the components and materials used in our Performance Chairs and ‘gig’ stools directly from companies in U.S.A. and Canada.