How to Order

Send us an email or call us on the telephone, to discuss your order.
We will provide you the price with shipping. We suggest for security that you call us at 647-479-9930 with your credit card information.

NOTE: We answer all emails promptly, usually the day we receive your message. Sometimes our first message is a brief email explaining that your request requires some research on our part, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

With the problem of Spam email, if you do not receive a prompt reply from us, please telephone us at so that we can solve any communication problems.

We value your call; thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

to return the product for a refund, please contact us within two weeks of receiving it. We provide special return-shipping directions and instruction on disassembling and re-packing the product (this is very important as the chair will need to be disassembled and re-packed according to our instructions). Once we receive the product back, a refund cheque will be mailed as soon as possible with respect to the following conditions, if applicable: damage to the product, shipping and handling expense, any credit card surcharges, customs or brokers fees (if shipped by UPS courier etc). We have a one-year guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.

We are very happy to say that we rarely have anything returned, and if in the future any component of the chair is accidentally damaged, that component can simply be replaced. For example, if a new seat is needed, the seat can be replaced rather than replacing the whole chair. We stand by our products and the quality. We believe you will be very pleased. All packages are insured, whether we ship near or far, against damage, loss etc.

GUARANTEE: Concert Design warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Concert Design will repair or replace defective components at no charge for a period of one year provided that the said product has not been subjected to misuse, abuse, or non-Concert Design authorized alteration, modification, and/or repair.

Proof of purchase (including date) will be required on all claims. Our Performance chairs are designed to last a lifetime with no problems. If, however, during the life of your Performance Chair, because of personal desire to replace the component(s) of any Chair already purchased, please contact Concert Design who will accommodate your wishes at a cost per component (for example: you may wish to obtain a taller/shorter shock or replace/change the seat/back).

In no event shall Concert Design be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or direct, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages and Concert Design accepts no liability for injuries sustained from product usage.

Should it be necessary to return the product for any covered defect, it is to be noted that this guarantee does not include the transportation of the product back to Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, and then back to the place of origin once the product is repaired by Concert Design. This expense is to be paid by the owner of the product.