H5 HarpCello Stool

$460.00 USD

H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stools

For harp gigs, studio, lessons, cello, guitar, child bass players, all musicians.

The H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ frame is one size, made of lightweight aluminum, with adjustable solid aluminum leg extensions to provide height ranges low to high. The H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stool has five (5) legs for maximum stability (similar to our C5 ‘gig’ basso stool).

More information about Aluminum

* complements the original HarpCello Performance Chair; indispensable for professional and amateur musicians.
* back support is optional but highly recommended.
* portable, lightweight, adjustable, comfortable and supportive, lasts a lifetime.
* children require good seating from the outset of their music training. The adjustable leg extensions allow the stool to “grow” with the child.

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Harp benches, stools, chairs that look after your body and extend your music career!

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Important Article by Robert Fletcher “Ergonomically Correct.”

Our customers speak

All Concert Design products are “Made in Canada” with total attention
and supervision of every detail of construction and material used.

Facts about ultra-light aluminum

* aluminum frame weighs 50-60% less than steel frame;
* made of 1″ aluminum tubing welded, black powder-coating;
* weight of aluminum frame 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg.) (without seat in place);
* weight of piccolo harpcello stool without back 3.9 kg/8.6 lbs., with back 6.0 kg/13.2 lbs;
* solid and threaded (1″ increments) aluminum leg extensions provide noise-free, rustproof, height adjustment.
*More information about Aluminum

Some differences from wood benches

* One of the most obvious differences is the weight – 50% lighter than steel or wood benches.

* Wood benches are held together with screws and glue – early breakdown is guaranteed. Movable parts secured with hand-tightening devices break down even faster. A stool which “collapses” for portability has greatly reduced stability and longevity.

* In normal usage, a musician’s chair or stool is subjected to many changes in temperature (taking the stools on the road, indoors to outdoors, storage to onstage), which results in increased rusting and breakdown.

* Aluminum ‘gig’ stools are not affected by weather, never rust, are lightweight, can get banged on the floor without showing any wear.

* With all the advantages of aluminum, it is also more costly – up to three times more costly than steel. Our prices, though higher in cost than wood or steel stools, do not reflect the high cost of the materials we use. We do not cut costs on any of our products, but consistently look for the best and refine and improve no matter the cost.


Adjustable leg extensions

* Leg extensions are solid aluminum and insert into the hollow legs of frame, no rust, no sticking, no fuss.
* Leg extensions have threaded holes at 1″ increments, easily tightened, no wobble, maximum stability and comfort.
* View chart for height ranges with leg extensions at bottom of this page. Custom height ranges available.
* For those who sit very low, the leg extensions can be removed and the rubber tips applied to the stool itself.

The back support meets your body

* Your choice of back bars to suit your body type, your instrument, and your way of playing:
* straight “tall” places the back cushion higher;
* straight “regular” fits most people;
* back bar with 2″ bend brings the back cushion partway into seat for sitting forward;
* back bar with 4″ bend for those who like to sit even more forward, the back support meets you;
* back supports must be removed before stacking. g.


More facts about back support

* Back upright steel bar is 2.35″ semi-hardened steel to allow some flexibility without bending.
* Available in straight (tall or regular), 2″ bend or 4″ bend.
* Additional back upright bar may be purchased.
* The back upright bar and attached cushion is separate from the frame (knob under the seat). All back bars are easily interchanged so that the individual musician can choose the back support with degree of back bend for maximum benefit to their personal style of performance.
*View ‘gig’ basso molto back types for extra support. Same information for harp stools.

Facts about seat

* “Oval” seat 19″ width x 14″ depth (48cm x 36cm) – same seat as HarpCello Chair.
* The seat is level. If forward slope is desired, seat angle is created to your needs. Call us.
* The seats are known for comfort, firm but not hard. Can be used for long periods of time.

Fabric Link 352KB For high speed internet.

Fabric 1 Fabric 2 Fabric 3 125KB For slower speed internet.

Summing up

* Top quality fabric and foam designed with waterfall front edge for best comfort (this feature is extremely important in cushioning the arteries in the back of the legs to offset any constriction of blood supply to the legs).
* Seats can be set with a forward slope to the degree of your choice (we can do this before shipping).
* All components, including the high quality padding and fabric of the Concert Design ‘gig’ stools work together to provide optimum comfort and much-needed support for the musician. Call us for trial samples.
View chart for height ranges with different size aluminum leg extensions.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 30 in
Seat Choice

13" Round, 15" Round, Oval

Sitting Height

19" – 22", 20" – 23", 21" – 24", 22" – 25", 23" – 26"

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