Conductor’s Chair

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Conductor’s Rehearsal Chairs

Conductors’ and Orchestra Musician chairs
that look after your body and extend your music career!

Maestro Conductor’s Rehearsal Chair extends 23″-33.5″ (58.5cm
– 85cm); seat 19″ width x 18″ depth (48cm x 46cm) conductor’s
rehearsal podium chair, swivel feature, foot-ring adjusts independently
to accommodate individual leg length. Other special uses are drafting
chair, lab work, artists’ studio.

In order to keep the footring in place when the Maestro Chair is in use, Concert Design designed a (PVC) clamp to prevent the footring from sliding or turning. The high-capacity shock is firm and has no bounce. These features are standard to our Maestro Chair.

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The ‘cadillac’ of performance seating

specifically designed non-swivel.

May we emphasize again how important it is for musicians to use well-designed performance seating.

All Concert Design Performance Chairs are specially designed musicians’ chairs, ergonomic, multi-adjustable, and non-swivel. (The Piano and Harpcello chairs are not souped-up office chairs. Concert Design products are constructed of superior quality components with features essential to the needs of musicians.)

Seating which swivels is dangerous when playing any instrument. Back support is crucial.

Musicians’ seating which swivels, lacks back support, is not multi-adjustable, invites medical problems in the future. Children and young adults should use good seating from the outset of their music training. We hope you will agree and put your health first in choosing performance seating.

Concert Design first to provide
multi-adjustable performance chairs for all musicians.

Interval Piano Bench Chairs and Orchestra Performance Chairs

To be truly ergonomic, a musician’s performance chair (bench or stool) must have:* height adjustment;* seat gradient adjustment;
* back support adjustment (both vertical and horizontal);
* non-swivel;
* firm padding on seat with waterfall curved front edge (this feature is extremely important in cushioning the arteries in the back of the legs to offset any constriction of blood supply to the legs);
* small back support that can be positioned directly into the lumbar.

The Concert Design Interval Piano and OrchestraChairs
have all these features.

Concert Design Performance Chairs are professional chairs:* multi-adjustable;
* quick, quiet height adjustment by means of gas shock;
* seat adjusts to gradient of 7-degree forward slope;
* superb back support, adjusts vertically and horizontally,
small, won’t conflict with arm movement, removable, if desired.Designed with elegance and with your health in mind, comfortable, supportive. Also recommended for churches, guitar, accordion, keyboard, orchestra, piano.

Additional information

Back Support

Straight, 2" bend, 4" bend

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