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NEW Review of Interval Piano Chair by Paul Leu.

The Hagen family, Bill, Julie and daughter, Aryssa, visited Concert Design to try the Interval Piano Performance Chair in August 2010. The chair has performed well for Aryssa as Julie writes…(The Hagen Family Endorsement)

Sal Porretta talks about the piano chair development.

“I often ask friends if they are happy with their new (TV, car, etc.) now that they have used them for a while. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then I ask ‘if it were necessary, would you make the same purchase again?’ My Interval Orchestra Chair and Performance Lamp pass both tests.” Roger Marchese, San Francisco, CA (2011)

Really cool review from Hal Wharton, Olmstead Falls, Ohio, USA (September 2011) “I am not a pianist but my wife is! She is a rather accomplished pianist who accompanies a variety of vocalists and instrumentalists…

Ellen Johansen of Ellen Johansen Music Studio writes about her Interval Piano Chair.  “The chair is most comfortable! I can practice for longer hours and adjust it easily to fit my body each time. The adjustment mechanisms are my favourite parts. When I sit, I reset the piano chair flat, like a piano bench, and then easily change the height. Then I adjust the forward tilt and enjoy the release as my back muscles loosen into the new position. Finally I move the back support, and I am no longer aware of anything but the music.” (2010)

“When I injured my back, I could not play for more than 15 minutes without pain, ache and weakness. With the Interval Piano Chair, I can play for several hours with brief rests. Even though my back condition has improved, I much prefer this chair (with all its options) to any bench!” Evie Adelman, Logan, OH (2009)

“I want to thank you for making such an amazing product. Your piano chair has really helped me to play for longer periods of time and make playing much more comfortable (I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and live with chronic pain). I tried many different products and nothing even comes close to your Concert Design chair. The quality of the chair is the best I have ever seen. Sal spent a great deal of time talking with me with regards to the chair and dimensions so he could build the perfect chair to handle my needs. Best customer service I have ever experienced. The piano chair that was made is perfect because of the time Sal spent talking to me and asking me many questions about my needs. It is a great pleasure to deal with you both. Thanks again.”Jamie Mitges, President, Panama Music Inc., Guelph, ON (2009)Jamie Mitges

“I searched many years for an alternative to the traditional adjustable piano bench. I finally found someone who “thinks outside the box.” Sal and Lois of Concert Design have created a product designed for comfort and ease of use. The chair becomes an extension of the body and allows the pianist to feel grounded and balanced. It actually seems to generate energy in the body. Every aspect of the chair is adjustable. I have been using this product for a year and am still excited about it. The design of the chair enables me to practice for longer periods of time with none of the previous discomfort. It is also amazingly easy to adjust for the wide variety of heights and proportions of my piano students. Sal put together a chair that catered to my personal needs and is excited to share the product that he and Lois have created. They represent the best of customer service experiences. They were so easy to work with and have always been prompt in offering help and advice. I am grateful to have found Concert Design and recommend their interval piano chair without reservation.” Kathy J. Hansen, Ithaca, NY (2009)

“The interval piano chair has served me well and five years later still looks new. In the studio,
I have it combined with an adjustable ‘exercise stepper’ for small children to rest their feet.
Doesn’t get much better! Thank you, Concert Design!”
Sue Steel, Timmins, Ontario (2008) Visit Sue’s Studio

Concert Design writes: Visit Sue’s studio at the link above and view her student using the piano chair. This piano chair, purchased five years ago in 2003, has our previous anti-rotation clamps on the gas shock (2 PVC clamps). Any piano chair can be updated to our restyled anti-swivel method of only one clamp at the top of the pedestal shock. It is exciting to see that the chair is performing well. Truly designed to last!

“Re: Maestro Chair – very well made, I cannot imagine any improvements.” Mark S. Beasom, LaCanada, California (2007)

“Thank you for producing a piano chair that covers the ABC’s: A – it is adjustable (we have many people of different sizes playing); B – it has a backrest (for those long services where the pianist can rest between songs); C – it is silent (nothing worse than squeaks in the middle of a performance). The sloping seat, back rest and silence of this chair is very important. I have recommended it to people.” Valerie Turner, Lodge at Broadmead, Victoria, B.C., Canada (2007)

“I have a back problem and I am so thankful that someone told me about Concert Design chairs. I doubt that I would still be playing the piano if I hadn’t gotten this chair. Thanks so much.” Sheila Stewart Blair, Victoria, B.C., Canada (2007)

“My interval piano chair has made all the difference in my enjoyment of piano playing and relearning piano pieces I learned as a teenager. Before obtaining your chair, I was in agony after 15 minutes. Now I can practice for as long as I want in complete comfort! You have very good customer service, good phone support and assistance in selecting the right chair.” Bronwyn Anthony, Rancho Murieta, California (2006)

Barbara Yahr purchased her interval piano chair in December 2005: “The Concert Design piano chair is the most comfortable chair I have used at the piano. I recommend it to anyone who spends long hours at the piano and might be prone to back pain. You were all very helpful at the time of my purchase in making sure the chair fit me perfectly.” Barbara Yahr, Music Director, Greenwich Village Orchestra

“The piano chair is easy to adjust for sharing one piano; comfortable and well done.” Al Ludwick, Loganville, GA (September 2006)

“Terrific products, well designed for a musician’s specific needs.” Melva Treffinger Graham, Director of Music, Grace Church-on-the-Hill, Toronto, ON (September 2006 – a repeat customer who uses the maestro chair, piano chair,maestro lamp, grand piano lamp complete unit, in her music duties.)

Camac Harps Summer 2005 HarpSeasons:”SIEGE ERGONOMIQUE

Jim Bevan, Keyboards/Conductor, Quidam, Cirque du Soleil writes “I sit on the Concert Design Piano Chair for 10 shows a week, each two and a half hours long, as well as six one-half hour rehearsals. I don’t even think about it. This chair enables me to maintain correct posture easily and without fatigue. I am able to concentrate on my job (which involves doing about four things at the same time) without distraction. I’m 50 years old, and I feel as good as the gymnasts that I am watching. Thank you, Concert Design.” (Jim has been using his piano chair since November 2002.)

“I am able to practice everyday for an hour or more without experiencing back pain. The service was exceptionally good.” Geralyn Harder, Pine Grove, CA (Geralyn uses the Interval HarpCello Chair as her piano chair; 2005.)

“The Interval Piano Chair is a highly supportive chair, very comfortable, with an extraordinary range of adaptable positions.” Dr. William Thomas, Minneapolis, MN.

Craig Welterlen, music director for youth musicals at Burke Presbyterian Church since 1997 and director of music at Burke Presbyterian 2002-2003, “The Maestro’s Chair is a boon to the professional director.”

Sebastian has the Arpeggio Piano…”This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. When I sit in the chair it relieves the pain in my back. It is a joy to finally practice without pain.” Sebastian Toney, principal saxophonist, Alabama Wind Ensemble.

“Finally I have found the perfect accordion chair. The Concert Design Interval-Piano Chair has been such a positive enhancement of my musicianship. I practise on it for long hours without soreness of any kind. Sitting on anything else feels like sitting on stone! Thank you for your innovative design.” Antonio Peruch, Edmonton, AB, Classical Concert Accordionist and Concerto Soloist

“…Musicians flock to massage therapists and chiropractors following a string of long days. Good seating is a universal problem and sitting for long periods is also a known health risk. My search for the perfect sitting machine led me to the Concert Design website..”Click here to read the entire article. JohnCatchings, past principal cellist in several orchestras including Nashville Symphony, Tennessee.

“I use my Interval Piano Chair for hours every day. I’m so used to the comfort and support it gives, that I now bring it out of my studio for performances. It has contributed immeasurably to the health of my back; so important for a pianist.” John Greer, Pianist, Professor Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.

Important Article by Robert Fletcher “Ergonomically Correct”

Article International Musician, June 2004 “Don’t Harp On About Back Pain”

“I am delighted with the Interval Piano Chair and I play better using it. Besides being comfortable and fully adjustable, it is solid and well built. The removable back support makes practice and rehearsal much less tiring and more enjoyable.” Patricia Parr, piano, AMICI (Toronto-based chamber group), Faculty of Music, University of Toronto.

“I received my Interval Piano Chair today. It was a pleasure to do business with your company every step of the way. I guess you can say you get what your pay for. The quality of the chair is outstanding.” Michael Andriaccio, Pianist, NY, USA.

“The Interval Piano Chair provides comfort and ease of playing while supporting your back and shoulders. I enjoy being able to adjust the height depending on the piano that I am seated at. It is also great for long pauses during a musical where you can lean back and relax!” Patricia Andriaccio, Pianist, NY, USA.