“Concert Design Basso Performance Chair” by Pat Moulds
written for Bass World Magazine, Summer 2000.

Two years ago, when the Dallas Opera opened a new rehearsal facility, it was decided that the company would purchase an additional set of bass stools, eliminating the cost of transporting the equipment between the rehearsal and performance facilities. Given the task of finding new stools, I turned to the internet. Concert Design’s site provided the information that I needed. I contacted Concert Design and arranged to have a bass stool shipped.

When the “Basso” chair arrived, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. First and foremost, the stool is sturdy. There is no doubt that when you reach to turn pages, the stool will be right where you left it. It receives its strength from a steel rod (anti-rotation mechanism) next to the primary center-post, providing an additional measure of stability.

A gas shock mechanism adjusts the height of the stool from 27″ to 32″ (with an additional 2″ possible with optional extensions). As with pneumatic chairs, there will be some “give” to the seat as you stand and sit, but Concert Design has incorporated a locking collar that reduces the effect when properly adjusted. Also, the height of the circular foot-ring is adjustable.

Three seat designs add to the versatility of the stool: traditional round, larger oval and a special bass design. The bass design has a cutaway to help prevent loss of circulation in the player’s right leg. Small increment tilt capability, as well as height and depth adjusters, make the seat and seatback incredibly versatile.

Members of the Dallas Opera Bass Section voiced one complaint. The main problem they find with the stool is portability. However, each section member commented on the sturdiness of the design and agreed that the weight is necessary to provide adequate stability.

Overall, the “Basso” stool has received a bravo from my colleagues. Anyone with back or comfort problems should investigate this product. It is possible to make seat and seatback adjustments during a performance with ease and no noise! One final note – the customer service representatives at Concert Design are great to work with and are willing to try to accommodate the special needs of a player.