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Paul Cézanne a unique set of over 100 artworks, exclusively on the WebMuseum!
Medieval art: Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry Explore the WebMuseum.

Great Painters Website





Bass Related Links


Robin Ruscio is one of Colorado’s premier bassists.
An equally skilled musician on both acoustic and electric bass
including fretless and six string bass.

Robin Ruscio

Volkan Orhon, Principal Bass Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra.

Volkan Orhan

An organization for those specializing in teaching, learning,

performing and enjoying the double bass.

International Society of Bass Players


Cello Related Links


Professor José Vázquez, University for Music Vienna.

Viola da Gamba Society

Harp Related Links

Concert Design welcomes Jeanette van Nieulande and announce that our
HarpCello Chairs and ‘gig’ stools are now available at her store:
De Zingende Snaar Harpen in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

American Harp Society

Anita has been a professional harpist, harp teacher and harp therapist within the Windsor, Ontario, community for nearly thirty years. A graduate of Wayne State University in social work, she employs those skills with her gift of music to lift the spirits of those in long term care facilities, hospitals, palliative care rooms and special needs classrooms.

Anita Leschied

Promote the performing arts with special emphasis on harp composition, education, appreciation and performance.

World Harp Congress

Musikwerke Fackler, horn and harp duo Daniel Fackler, horn Barbara Fackler, harp.

Daniel Fackler, horn Barbara Fackler, harp