Endorsements from our Customers


“I recently purchased a Performance Lamp from the great folks at Concert Design and I have to say what a difference. I had been using an inexpensive lamp but even in brighter light I found it ineffective. The Performance Lamp from Concert Design is nothing short of sensational! It can be completely dark and I can see the music on my stand without effort. An absolutely tremendous asset to my profession, and I would highly recommend one to any musician.” Pete Melkert Socrates62, Brantford, Ontario, Canada (2016)
“For the first time in over 60 years performing as a pianist, I have finally found a piano light that works! Thank you, it is a godsend.” Ursula Thomas, Victoria, BC, Canada (2009) uses the grand piano lamp.

“The grand piano lamp provides very effective lighting across both music stand and keyboard. The light has become automatic – whenever I practice, the light goes on. The light is easy on the eyes. A great product! I have mentioned this product a couple of times on the forums at pianoworld.com” Mark Fabbi, Uxbridge, ON, Canada (2007)

“I received the Performance lamp a few days ago. After wasting so much money on overpriced toy lamps with 4′ cords, I’m grateful that a musician has designed a professional lamp for the working pro.This is truly built to last, and looks like a professional piece of equipment worthy of taking to a gig. As a guitarist, I use a “Superstand” which unfolds with adjustable extension leaves, and the 35 watt bulb more than illuminates the entire stand. This completely dresses up my home studio. As soon as I turned it on, there was no going back. I now want to order a second lamp to take on gigs. Thank you so much for doing it right!” Scott Elliott, Adj. Asst. Prof. of Music, College of Creative Arts, West Virginia University (2007)

“The light is fantastic. It has made performing so much easier now that I no longer have to struggle to see the music. Customer service is incredible, above and beyond. Thank you for providing this important device for those of us with visual impairment who must rely on overly lit surfaces to do our work.” Matthew Vuksinich, Alameda, California, purchased the 12″ Performance lamp complete unit (2006)

“I have valued your light highly for many years. I often play at concerts in churches where the lighting is very unpredictable and the piano has to be moved to places where I cannot manage without a special light. I appreciate the flexibility of this light and have come to depend on it. I use it frequently at weddings at my church when I play piano music before the service. The dim lighting provides atmosphere for the service, but makes it impossible to use the piano without a piano light.”Ruth Watson Henderson, pianist, organist, and widely celebrated composer, Ruth remains one of Canada’s most distinguished musicians. Jean Ashworth Bartle calls her “a Canadian treasure”. (Ruth has used her grand piano lamp (complete unit with battery/charger since 1997.)

“My Pearl*Lite performance lamp (music stand light complete unit) has saved the day many times. Being battery-powered solves the problem of finding outlets and worrying about performers tripping on extension cords. The light is perfect for reading music – no more struggling to see the notes due to inadequate lighting. My experience with the order was positive, though the price is somewhat high.” Heidi Mayer, Parkridge, IL. Dec. 2005

“I was given the 6” performance lamp with battery, charger, and bag as a Christmas gift by my wife. As a professional cellist, she had listened to my complaints about poor lighting enough. I was a bit daunted at first by the weight and bulk of your light. Now I use it constantly and find it much more effective than anything else I see around and I take it everywhere. I have no complaints! The character and quality of the light works well; the long-lasting battery is well worth the weight. Even the case turns out to be convenient once I learned how to pack the battery and light in the pockets. I play everything from orchestral concerts, opera and Broadway pits, chamber music and solo engagements to weddings in all kinds of situations, indoor, outdoor (small print, poor lighting). Thanks for a well-thought-out product. It gives me a friendly feeling.”
David W. Moore, Cellist, West Nyack, NY.

“The Pearl*Lite has no equal! It provides enough light to illuminate my music as well as
the music on my neighboring stand. But it only lights the music: No glare! It’s worth every penny!”

Carl J. Bowers, Bassist & Trombonist, Rohnert Park, CA.

“I use my Maestro’s Lamp with battery unit for rehearsals and performances.
I have travelled with it all over the world; it’s invaluable and indispensable in my work.”

Diane Loomer, Choral Conductor, Vancouver, British Columbia.

“I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying my Performance Lamp.
The unique lighting quality really makes it a pleasure to read those scores.”

Wendell L. Vaughn, Conductor, Country Dinner Playhouse, Denver, CO.

“After more than two years, I am so happy to have the Piano Lamp. It works beautifully and
I still haven’t seen any competitor’s product that comes close. Thanks for such great products.”

Steve Sanders, Montara, CA.

“The Performance Lamp exceeded all my expectations illuminating with a
non-fatiguing luminessence thank you so much….”
Craig Saxon, Norwalk, CA.

“The Performance Lamp is wonderful, non-glaring, covers all the music uniformly. Thanks.”
Anne Ranson, Edina, MN.