Chart for leg extensions for:
H5 ‘gig’ harpcello stool

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The 12″ leg extensions are solid aluminum with threaded holes at 1″ increments, they will not fit completely into H5 harpcello stool leg.

H5 ‘gig’ Harpcello stool height ranges with seat:

leg extensions removed; 1″ crutch tips 17″ (43.2 cm)
7″ aluminum leg extensions (swivel glides) 20″- 22″ (50.9 to 56 cm)
8″ aluminum leg extensions 19″- 22″ (48.2 to 56 cm)
9″ aluminum leg extensions 20″- 23″ (50.9 to 58.5 cm)
10″ aluminum leg extensions 21″- 24″ (53.3 to 61 cm)
11″ aluminum leg extensions 22″- 25″ (56 to 63.5 cm)
12″ aluminum leg extensions 23″- 26″ (58.5 to 66 cm)

Measurements in chart calculated level seat, 2-inch foam.
To create forward seat angle, we install spacers on rear seat mounting holes.
This lowers the height ranges above by 1″ or more. Please discuss with us.


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