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Chart for leg extensions height ranges



Concert Design has discontinued production of the piccolo ‘gig’ stool.

The H5 ‘gig’ stool can replace almost all the features built into the piccolo ‘gig’ stool. We originally made the piccolo ‘gig’ to accommodate very low seating, for example, Celtic Harps.

Please contact us if you require special seating needs and we will discuss how best to do this.



harp chair Piccolo HarpCello ‘gig’ Stool shown with optional back support (priced separately). Stool fully extended to 21″.

Refer to chart for leg extension height ranges.

Refer to Facts Sheet for information on back supports.

Optional back support. We recommend using the back support as much as possible removing for performance only, when desired.

Extra back upright bar may be purchased.

Beautiful and elegant for onstage performance or rehearsal in the studio.

View 4 types of back bars for adjustable back.
View illustration of back bars on gig stools for back depth and height adjustment.

$150USD Optional back support

$220USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)


harp chair no back rest With back support removed. Fabric is Concert-Black, Ebony (LY23).

$150USD Optional back support

$220USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

All ‘gig’ harpcello stools available with swivel feature; is designed with resistance that prevents free spinning rotation which can cause spinal injury. Can be used with any seat shapes shown below.

$255USD (USD = U.S. Dollars) swivel feature


harp_stool_piano_guitar_accordian Piccolo HarpCello ‘gig’ Stool (with back removed).
Shown with PR01 saffron fabric and 10″ leg extensions extending 16″-19″.Perfect height range for Celtic or Lap Harps. Perfect for children learning harp. We recommend using the back support as much as possible even for children, removing only for onstage performance if desired.$150USD Optional back support
$220USD (USD = U.S. Dollars) 


“New” Bass Stool for Child learning Double bass. A creative customer realized the harpcello ‘gig’ stool was the best size for her young son learning bass. Also shown on C4 ‘gig’ bass stool page.

bass stool for children harpcello ‘gig’ stool with 15″ cutaway seat, perfect for young people, children, learning bass.

Shown at 21″ (53.5cm) height with foot support

View child bass stool without foot support
View child bass stool without back

Click on picture for enlargement.

$220USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)
$150USD optional back-support with your choice of back bar
$200USD optional foot-support (includes 5″ adaptor bar)


Fabric Link 352KB For high speed internet.
125KB Per page for slower speed internet.

Fabric 1 Fabric 2 Fabric 3


seat styles HarpCello Chair/Stool seats

The oval seat is the standard seat for the piccolo harpcello ‘gig’ stools. The ‘concert’ basso 15″
round seat may also be used, as well as the 13″ ‘gig’ round seat.

Replacement seat pricing (seats are always included with stool; prices given below are for ‘extra’ seat or replacement seat):
$170USD for ‘gig’ harp seat
$220USD for custom seat

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