H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stools

For harp gigs, studio, lessons, cello, guitar, child bass players, all musicians.

The H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ frame is one size, made of lightweight aluminum, with adjustable solid aluminum leg extensions to provide height ranges low to high. The H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stool has five (5) legs for maximum stability (similar to our C5 ‘gig’ basso stool).

More information about Aluminum

* complements the original HarpCello Performance Chair; indispensable for professional and amateur musicians.
* back support is optional but highly recommended.
* portable, lightweight, adjustable, comfortable and supportive, lasts a lifetime.
* children require good seating from the outset of their music training. The adjustable leg extensions allow the stool to “grow” with the child.

Harp bench and Cello chair Endorsements; Interesting Articles.

H5 ‘gig’ Stool Facts Page.

Chart for leg extensions height ranges.


Announcement for international harp players

Concert Design welcomes Jeanette van Nieulande and announce that our HarpCello Chairs and ‘gig’ stools are now available at her store:
De Zingende Snaar Harpen in Leerdam, The Netherlands.

H5 harp stool


H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ Stool (side profile; back support removed).

Beautiful and elegant for onstage performance, gigs, lessons and rehearsal in the studio. Fabric shown LY23 Ebony, Concert-Black. Harp, cello, guitar, accordion, piano, child bass player.

Refer to chart for leg extension height ranges.

View 4 types of back bars for adjustable back.
View illustration of back bars on gig stools for back depth and height adjustment.

$460USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

 H5 harp stool with back support

H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stool shown with optional back support.

More information about back supports on Facts Sheet.

Extra back upright bar may be purchased.

$150USD Optional back support
$460USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

H5 ‘gig’ harpcello stools are available with swivel feature; designed with resistance to prevent free spinning rotation, which can cause spinal injury. Can be used with choice of seat shapes shown below.

$495USD (USD = U.S. Dollars) swivel feature

“New Idea” Bass Stool for young person learning Double bass. A creative customer realized the H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stool was the best size for her young son learning bass.
Leg extensions height ranges for ‘gig’ harpcello stool.

 H5 harp stool with back support

H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stool perfect for Classical Guitar players, child bassist. Shown with double cutaway seat, optional back support and optional aluminum foot support.

View H5 child bass stool cutaway seat.
View child bass/classical guitar stool with 15″ round seat.

$150USD Optional back support
$460USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)
$200USD optional aluminum foot-support, PVC bracket includes 3/4″ and 1″ T for leg or ring attachment, and 5″ aluminum adaptor bar.

$495USD (USD = U.S. Dollars) swivel feature

 H5 harp stool with back support

H5 HarpCello ‘gig’ stool shown with 15″ round seat and optional back support. Harp, cello, guitar, accordion, piano, child bassist.

$150USD Optional back support
$460USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

$495USD (USD = U.S. Dollars) swivel feature



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Fabric 1 Fabric 2 Fabric 3


seat styles HarpCello Chair/Stool seats

The oval seat is the standard seat for the H5 or piccolo harpcello ‘gig’ stools. The ‘concert’ basso 15″
round seat may also be used, as well as the 13″ ‘gig’ round seat.

Replacement seat pricing (seats are always included with stool; prices given below are for ‘extra’ seat or replacement seat):
$170USD for ‘gig’ harp seat
$220USD for custom seat

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