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Conductors’ and Orchestra Musician chairs
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harp chair Maestro Conductor’s Rehearsal Chair extends 23″-33.5″ (58.5cm
– 85cm); seat 19″ width x 18″ depth (48cm x 46cm) conductor’s
rehearsal podium chair, swivel feature, foot-ring adjusts independently
to accommodate individual leg length. Other special uses are drafting
chair, lab work, artists’ studio.

In order to keep the footring in place when the Maestro Chair is in use, Concert Design designed a (PVC) clamp to prevent the footring from sliding or turning. The high-capacity shock is firm and has no bounce. These features are standard to our Maestro Chair.

Foot Supports $300USD each.

View Maestro Chair with 2 foot supports.

$815USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)