Celtic Harp Performance Chair

We have a limited number of Celtic Harp Chairs available.
The Celtic Harp Chairs are designed especially for celtic harpers
and musicians who require low seating
(13″-16″ height range only).

Special offer for the Celtic Harp Chair.
Limited number at $690 USD for this model only.
For extra low seating, 20″ diameter “low profile base.”
Height range 13″-16″ only. Discuss with us.

 Piccolo harp chair

Celtic Harp Performance Chair
with 20″ low profile base and 3″ non-swivel shock (13″-16″).
All the same comfortable features as our standard Interval HarpCello Chair.
This exceptional chair is suited to celtic harpers, including child musicians,
who may require a low range (13″-16″).
$690 USD, this model only.

Endorsements from Harpists and Cellists; Interesting Articles

HarpCello Facts Page
details of products for ordering, fabric colours available

Announcement for international harp players

Concert Design welcomes Jeanette van Nieulande and announce that our HarpCello Chairs and ‘gig’ stools are now available at her store:
De Zingende Snaar Harpen in Leerdam, The Netherlands.

Lillian Lau

Courtesy of Lillian Lau
in performance at Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, IL,
with her H5 ‘gig’ harp stool.

“NEW” Visit our Lillian Lau Album page (2014)

Josephines Cellos
Courtesy Josephine van Lier.

seat styles HarpCello Chair/Stool seats

The oval seat is the standard seat for the harpcello chair. The ‘concert’ basso 17″ round or 15″
round seat may also be used. The 13″ ‘gig’ round seat will not fit on the multi-adjustable
‘harpcello’ chair due to the size of the seat mechanism.

Replacement seat pricing (seats are always included with stool; prices given below are for ‘extra’ seat or replacement seat):
$170USD for ‘gig’ harp seat
$220USD for custom seat

Our customers speak

harp_bench_benches_piano_bench_guitar_accordian harp_bench_benches_piano_bench_guitar_accordian

At left: Jakez François, Chairman, Camac Harps, Paris, France, sent this picture to us.

Jakez is using the Concert Design Harp Chair (PR09 Cranberry fabric), which looks beautiful with the blue harp and the entire stage setting:

“When I gave a jazz harp concert in Hungary and I played with your chair on stage, it was so comfortable I must say… I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for your product, which helps harpists a lot.”
(Nov. 2007)

At right: Camac Oriane 47 shown with Concert Design Harp Chair.

Concert Design Harp Chairs available at
Camac-Harps Paris,