C4 ‘gig’ basso (swivel)
the stackable orchestra
4 leg run-out bass stool
made of lightweight aluminum
complements the ‘concert’ and ‘timpani’ basso

Concert Design first to provide multi-adjustable ergonomic bass stools
and performance chairs for all musicians, orchestra and symphony bass sections.


bass stool with swivel C4 ‘gig’ basso with 15″ round seat, swivel bass stool.

Distance from top of foot ring to top of frame is 17″ (43.2cm)

Standard measurement in all ‘gig’ basso stools.

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$500USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)
with swivel feature, is designed with resistance that prevents free spinning rotation which can cause spinal injury.
$150USD optional back-support with your choice of back bar


NOTE:The seat is raised with spacers as shown. Three reasons are that chair parts compatibility of the plate into which the back support slides (under the seat) conflicted with the swivel plate, and also, the knob for securing and adjusting the back support conflicted with the swivel plate. Both these reasons prevented the stool from swivelling properly.

Third reason is the swivel plate was extremely difficult to attach to the frame of the stool given the seat mounting holes already in place and close to the bend at the top of frame.

C4 ‘gig’ basso stool with optional back support,
adjusts as follows:

* 2″ vertical adjustment
* 2″ horizontal by means of a knob under the seat
* additional straight tall, straight, 2″, or 4″ back bar

View 4 types of back bars for adjustable back.

View illustration of back bars on gig stools for back depth and height adjustment.

View ‘gig’ basso stool with back support and foot support placed under seat shown for ease in transporting.

View ‘gig’ basso stool with cutaway seat; optional back-support may be placed as shown for ease in transporting, it is shipped that way to you.

$150USD optional back-support with your choice of back bar
$45USD additional straight tall, straight, 2″, or 4″ back bar

Orchestra Bass Section Album

seat styles Top view of the ‘concert’ basso and ‘gig’ basso stool seats.

Click on picture to enlarge and view descriptions.

Any of the ‘concert’ basso 15″ round, oval, cutaway and double cutaway seats may be used on the ‘gig’ stools.

The SF double cutaway seat and the 13″ round seat will not fit on the multi-adjustable ‘concert’ basso due to the size of the seat mechanism on the ‘concert’ basso.

Explanation of seat types

Replacement seat pricing (every stool or chair comes with the seat of your choice; prices given here are for an ‘extra’ seat or replacement seat).

$170USD for any ‘concert’ basso seat

$220USD for custom seat

* stackable to 7 stools high in a room with an 8′ ceiling
* foot-supports, if used, must be removed before stacking (bracket may be left attached to stool, disconnect foot-support at hinge)
* optional back support must be removed before stacking

Will not stack with oval seat unless stacked on top.

view ‘gig’ basso stools stacked 7 high