Concert Design double bass stools
‘concert’ basso
and ‘timpani’ basso chairs

To be truly multi-adjustable (ergonomic), a stool must have:

* height adjustment;
* seat gradient adjustment;
* back support adjustment (both vertical and horizontal);
* non-swivel;
* industrial-strength base, shock and seat mechanism are tapered and lock into each other securely;
* seat mechanism in conjunction with the gas shock and the design of the back uprights provides the multi-adjustability of height, gradient and back support;
* fabric used on seat and back tested for long life and comfort; high quality foam for support and firmness;
* firm padding on seat with waterfall curved front edge (this feature
is extremely important in cushioning the arteries in the back of the legs to offset any constriction of blood supply to the legs);
* small back support can be positioned at the lumbar or wherever you prefer;
* additional PVC clamp prevents foot ring movement;
* additional PVC anti-bounce clamp eliminates any sideways movement, as well as the natural shock bounce (raises the lower end of height range by 1.5″ (3.8cm).

No other double bass chair or bass stool has the ergonomic design of the ‘concert’ and ‘timpani’ basso.

The ‘concert’ bass stool is non-swivel to offset injury.

Given the large instrument, the height at which bass players must sit, and the body movement produced by the bassist in performance, a chair that swivels can lead to serious injury. The physical body must be supported with a stable, comfortable bass stool.

The basso chairs and stools will provide years of use. If a seat (or any component) becomes damaged, that part can simply be replaced and the life of the bass stool continues.

The ‘concert’ basso, once adjusted, fits like a glove.

Each section member has optimum comfort.

Custom Design:

Many of the design features in our bass seating products result from requests from orchestra bass sections and individual bass players. Speak with Sal Porretta of Concert Design if you wish some modification for your needs. Padding, too hard, too soft; back support wider or higher, larger or smaller; another idea for a seat shape, all are easy for Concert Design.

All components, including the high quality padding and fabric work together to provide optimum comfort and much needed support for the bassist.

Call us for trial samples.

Concert Design ‘concert’ bass stools are multi-adjustable:

* quick, quiet height adjustment by means of gas shock;
* seat mechanism gradient adjusts from -5 backward slope to +7 degree forward slope;
* back adjusts vertically and horizontally, small, won’t conflict with arm movement;
* removable, if desired, can be positioned right at the lumbar;
* the stools are versatile and portable.

Concert Design is the company that talks with musicians.

The present design and capability of the basso chairs reflect the invaluable comments and ideas we receive from bassists, along with experts in design and industry. All components are industrial for long-life and minimum maintenance, supportive, comfortable.

* weight of ‘concert’ basso or ‘timpani’ basso is 30.8 lbs. (13.9 kg.)
* each foot-support is 3 lbs.
* add 1.4 lbs. (700 grams) with 8″ shock extension (used with timpani)
* add 1.8 lbs. (800 grams) with 10″ shock extension (1.4 kg. used with timpani)
* with 8″ shock, height adjustments for ‘concert’ basso are 21″ (53.5 cm.) to 29″ ( 74 cm.)
* with 10″ shock, height adjustments for ‘concert’ basso are 25″ (63.5 cm.) to 33″ ( 84 cm.)
* add 2″ (5cm.) with set of 2″ extenders
* add 6″ (15.2 cm.) to the total height when using 8″ ( 20.3 cm.) extension
* add 7″ (19 cm.) to the total height when using 10″ ( 25.5 cm.) extension.

See full description of seat shapes on ‘concert’ basso web page:

* round seat (15″ diameter);
* cutaway seat (15″ diameter with cut portion on right side);
* double cutaway and SF cutaway are 15″ diameter with cut portions as shown;
* oval seat (19″ width x 14″ depth).