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double bass stools
‘concert’, ‘gig’, ‘timpani’ Basso Performance Chairs

Orchestra Bass Section Album

See Concert Design bass chairs and stools in performance at:


Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Greek National Opera (‘concert’ basso);
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
National Film Board of Canada (Allegro; Maestro Chair);
New York Philharmonic (‘concert’ and ‘timpani’ basso);
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (C4 swivel ‘gig’ basso);
Orchestra Now, Bard College (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Boston Symphony Orchestra (‘timpani’ chair);
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (B.C.) (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Explorer Ship, Norwegian Cruise Lines (Allegro; ‘concert’ basso; Interval Piano Chairs; Workstation Chairs);
BBC Philharmonic at Salford, Manchester, U.K. (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso; C4 ‘gig basso);

Cleveland Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);

Opera North, Grand Theatre, Leeds, U.K. (‘timpani’ basso);
Naden Band, Royal Canadian Navy, Victoria, B.C. (Maestro Chair);
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Iowa University Music Department (C5 ‘gig’ basso and C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Copenhagen Phil, Denmark (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Malmö Symfoniorkester, Sweden (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Voyager Ship, Prestige Cruise Holdings (‘concert’ basso, Allegro, Interval Piano Chairs);
RTE National Symphony Orchestra, Dublin, Ireland (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
The MET-Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, NY (‘concert’ basso);
New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Opera North, Grand Theatre, Leeds, U.K. (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Britt Festival, Medford, Oregon (Maestro Chair);
Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Ensemble Modern GBR, Frankfurt, Germany (C4 ‘gig’ basso);

Chautauqua Institution (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
The MET-Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, NY (‘timpani’ basso);
Navigator Ship, Prestige Cruise Holdings (‘concert’ basso, Allegro, Interval Piano Chairs);
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Lyric Opera of Chicago (‘concert’ basso);
The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (‘timpani’ basso);
Halle Orchestra, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester U.K. (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
San Diego Opera (C5 ‘gig’ basso);

Kansas City Symphony (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Paramount Theatre, Orchestra Iowa Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
San Diego Symphony (C5 ‘gig’ basso, ‘timpani’ swivel);
Riviera Ship, Prestige Cruise Holdings (Allegro, Interval Piano Chairs and grand piano lamps);
Britt Festival, Medford, Oregon (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Da-Dong Art Center, Taiwan (Maestro Chairs);

New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy,
New World Center (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso, C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Dallas Symphony Orchestra (‘timpani’ basso);
Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Nicosia, Cyprus (‘concert’ basso);
“Presidents Own” US Marine Band, Washington, DC (‘concert’ basso’);
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso);

Halle Orchestra, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester U.K. (‘concert’ basso);
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Caracas (Venezuela) (‘concert’ basso);
Copenhagen Philharmonic/Tivoli Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Detroit Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Boston Symphony Orchestra (maestro chair);

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (maestro chair);
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (Saint Paul, MN) (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Australia (‘timpani’ basso);
Den Norske Opera & Ballett(Norwegian National Opera), Oslo, Norway (‘concert’ basso);
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (‘concert’ basso, maestro chair);
“Presidents Own” US Marine Band, Washington, DC (‘concert’ basso’);
Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal (C4 ‘gig’ basso);

University of Auckland, School of Music (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (U.K.) (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Princess Cruise Lines, MV Ruby Princess (new Allegro and C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Cork School of Music (Cork, Ireland) (‘concert’ basso);
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (B.C.) (C5 ‘gig’ basso);
Naples Philharmonic Orchestra (Florida) (‘concert’ basso);
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (C5 ‘gig’ basso – first orchestra with C5 bass stool);

Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Memphis Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso and C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Cunard, the new MV Queen Victoria cruise ship (new Allegro and C4 ‘gig’ basso);
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Colorado Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON) (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (London, U.K.) (‘concert’ basso);
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (C4 ‘gig’ basso);

2006 and earlier to 1997:
Nashville Symphony (Schermerhorn Symphony Center) (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
National Symphony Orchestra (The John F. Kennedy Center) (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Orchestre Symphonique de Québec (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Houston Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Finnish National Opera (Helsinki, Finland) (C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (Australia) (‘concert’ basso);
Orchestra London (Canada)(C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Charlotte Symphony Orchestra (North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center) (‘concert’ basso);
Orquesta Sinfónicade Tenerife (Canarias, España) (‘concert’ basso);
BBC National Orchestra of Wales (‘concert’ basso and C4 ‘gig’ basso);
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra (Norway) (‘concert’ basso);
Grant Park Music Festival (‘concert’ basso);
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Auckland Philharmonia (N.Z.) (‘concert’ basso);
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (U.K.) (‘concert’ basso);
Boston Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Cunard, the new Queen Mary 2 (Allegro and ‘gig’ Basso);
The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas
(‘concert’, ‘timpani’ and ‘gig’ basso);
Los Angeles Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall (complete basso line);
Syracuse Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Elgin Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Virginia Opera (‘concert’ basso);
Toronto Symphony Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Buffalo Philharmonic (‘concert’ basso);
Dallas Opera (‘concert’ basso);
Dublin RTE Orchestra (Ireland) (‘concert’ basso);
Florida Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Utah Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Phoenix Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Atlanta Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Orchestre symphonique de Montreal (‘concert’ basso);
Dallas Symphony (‘concert’ basso);
Lyric Opera of Chicago (‘concert’ basso);
Minnesota Orchestra (‘concert’ basso);
Puerto Rico Symphony (‘timpani’ basso);
Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (‘gig’ basso);
Virginia Symphony (‘gig’ basso);
Grand Rapids Symphony (‘gig’ basso);
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (‘gig’ basso)…

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“I am really pleased with the stool! It arrived and was immediately put to use in the first week. After five rehearsals and three shows in different venues, I have experienced a level of comfort and relaxation that affords me to get into the music better! Also, our orchestra stage manager likes the light aluminum construction when they schlepp the thing from truck to stage.” Andrew Reed Miller, Principal Bass, Symphony New Brunswick, re his C4 ‘gig’ basso. (2017)

“My stool arrived yesterday and everything seems to be fine. I played all last evening and so far…so good. The tilted seat is quite nice. I am anxious for my up and coming Harrisburg Symphony run of Stravinsky and Strauss. Many thanks!” Duane Botterbusch, Bassist, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra; Instructor of Double Bass Messiah College; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music, Retired; Sunderman Conservatory at Gettysburg College, re his C4 ‘gig’ basso. (2017)

“My experience with Concert Design was informative and fast! The stool itself is incredible, comfortable, and ergonomic. If one spends hours a day on a stool, it better be great, and these are! I have nothing but good things to say about my Concert Design!” Blake Hinson, Assistant Principal Bass, New York Philharmonic, re his C4 ‘gig’ basso and back support. (2016)

“Thanks for all your help in handling my order. The C5 is a great product! Very comfortable and versatile. It’s great to have such a comparable stool to my ‘concert basso’ while being so portable and sturdy. Exactly what I was looking for! I also appreciate your patience with me and my questions about the spacers. Thanks for another great experience with your company. I look forward to the next time I need your services.”  Justin Bendel, bassist, Pittsburg, PA. (2011) NOTE: Justin’s comments re his ‘concert’ basso are below, 2006.

“Sal of Concert Design is the only person in the business who cares as much about your stool as you do.” Ian Simpson, bassist, uses the C4 ‘gig’ stool, Quebec City, QC, Canada. (2009)

“The C4 ‘gig’ basso stool is excellent, well worth the investment. My back no longer aches even after sitting on it all day and evening! It doesn’t creak and is easy to carry. By far the best stool I have used – expensive but well worth the money. I would recommend it to any bass player.” Philip Bishop, bassist, Surrey, U.K. (2008)

“The ‘gig’ basso stool is padded, portable and pretty (in a manly, sophisticated way). All in all, perfection. It was not inexpensive, but it has performed on every gig perfectly. The expenditure was well worth it. I have to carry my bass some distance at York University, and my bass stool is easily carried due to its lightness. It also is indestructible – it has fallen many times with nary a scuff. Great phone service and prompt delivery too. Thanks, folks!” Bruce Rumble, bassist, Barrie, ON, Canada. (2007)

“I want to let you know that I am extremely happy with the ‘concert’ basso which I ordered recently. It is really everything I wanted and more. Thank you for taking care of me and getting it out to me, I appreciate it. Thank you very much. I love it!” Justin Bendel, bassist, Pittsburg, PA. (2006)

“My concert basso stool arrived last week. I have been using it everyday. I don’t know why I didn’t invest in one sooner! My practice sessions are longer and more relaxed. The stool was very easy to assemble and fits well in my practice room. It will work well on the concert stage too, when I need it. Thanks for packing the tools necessary to fine tune the chair. Everything was right in order as you said it would be when we spoke on the phone. Thanks also for the extra trash bags to collect all the newspaper packing involved with it’s shipping. I am 100% completely satisfied!! Thanks Concert Design!!” Mike Kienlen, bassist, St. Paul, MN. (2006)

“The ‘concert’ basso is wonderful, everything I hoped it would be and more. After a few weeks of minor adjustments to the height and gradient, I have no more significant back pain. I am sitting quite low (“New Dutch School” also advocated by Joel Quarrington) in relation to the other members of my section but this setup is catching on with them. Thanks again. ” John Gowen, bassist, Toronto Symphony Orchestra. (2005)

Interesting Article From International Musician January 2005 “Proof Is In The Performance”

“It’s amazing how much of a good bass sound is in your ass, so I put mine on the best chair there is – the Concert Design ‘concert’ Basso. There’s even a little footrest on mine.” Penn Jillette, the larger, louder half of PENN & TELLER. (2000)

“The foot-supports work perfectly, and the idea to make them so they can fold up was genius. Thank you for all the thought and work you put into them. They really make a great product outstanding.” Tom Lederer and the bass section at Dallas Symphony.

I think the ideal testimonial from us came when one of our players emphatically said: “It is clear that these stools were made for playing the bass.” His tone of voice was compelling… From Greg Sarchet and the bass section at Lyric Opera of Chicago.

“The thoughtful design and comfort level of the “Basso” make it the best available anywhere. I recommend the Basso to all players, amateur and professional. I guarantee the bass player will not find a superior stool.”, principal bassist, National Arts Centre Orchestra

“We searched for new bass chairs for two years. When we found the Concert Design ‘Basso’, we knew immediately this was what we wanted. Our choice had to be more than fully-adjustable; the chair we chose had to be rock solid. Our entire section whole-heartedly endorses the Concert Design ‘Basso’.” Bass section of Buffalo Philharmonic.

“Our entire section says ‘Bravo’. Anyone with back or comfort problems should investigate the Concert Design Basso. It is possible to make seat and seatback adjustments during a performance with ease and no noise. The customer service reps at Concert Design are great to work with and are willing to try to accommodate the special needs of a player.”Click here to read the entire article. Pat Moulds, bassist, Dallas Opera.

“The Bassos are great. We all love them.” Tom Zera and the bass section at Utah Symphony.

“The Basso has all of the important features in a bass stool, stability, adjustability and comfort.The Basso is the most complete stool on the market.” Eric Chappell, 2nd Assistant Principal, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal.