Information about Concert Design Aluminum Products

Concert Design specializes in seating for musicians. We are devoted to creating dependable long-lasting seating products for musicians. In view of that assessment, Concert Design has discontinued all steel frames in favour of lightweight never-rust aluminum.

We have moved from steel to aluminum for our Allegro orchestra chairs, the ‘gig’ basso stools, as well as the harpcello ‘gig’ stools.

To our knowledge, Concert Design is the first and only company to offer aluminum seating products in the Music Industry.

It is always good to understand where we are coming from and why we have taken this crucial step.

Concert Design first to create aluminum orchestra chairs, harp and bass ‘gig’ stools.

Information easily discovered:

1. Aluminium is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion.
2. Structural components made from aluminium and its alloys are vital to the aerospace industry and very important in other areas of transportation and building.
3. Aluminum possesses many desirable characteristics, chiefly, it is light.
4. The amazing, unique qualities of this metal give it an almost endless range of applications, from transport, packaging, electrical application, and construction of homes and furniture.
5. It is key to improving global living standards and developing a better and more sustainable world environment.
6. Aluminum is more costly to weld, tig welding costs more than mig or arc welding and takes three times longer to weld than steel welding.

How does this apply to Concert Design products?

1. Best choice of material: aluminum exceeds the typical standard of steel orchestra chairs.
2. Best choice for weight: aluminum is 50% lighter than steel; great for stage crews and personal gigs.
3. Best choice for longevity: aluminum never rusts. Unlike steel, aluminum tolerates travelling i.e. condensation occurs in winter months when orchestras are on tour carting chairs, passing through inclement weather, or personal gigs in and out of a vehicle, concert hall.
4. Best choice for orchestras: solid aluminum leg extensions are preset to regular, medium, tall heights for maximum stability. Steel leg extensions require continual maintenance as do hand-locking devices, which break down and are insecure.
5. Best choice for cruise lines: where salt water contaminates steel, aluminum is unaffected.
6. Best choice for musicians: orchestra, chamber group, music schools, personal studio, gigs.

At present, manufacturing costs for aluminum products are considerably higher than for steel products. Unfortunately, this affects our cost to you. Given the overall quality and benefit of Concert Design products, we are committed to educating musicians to not only the comfort of Concert Design products, but also the extra benefits of aluminum vs steel. We invite your comments.