Fact Sheet for Aluminum Allegro Performance Chairs

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An Important Note for Orchestras.

At first glance, it may appear that the Allegro is too complicated to move quickly on-/off-stage. If it is preferred to have a non-adjustable chair, all of the Allegro chairs for your stage can be set at one height (for example, set all the chairs for medium height – we can ship them preset); and choose one style back support (for example, the regular straight version). Each chair is the same, and you have a superb orchestra chair. The various adjustments remain and the Allegro can be changed as the orchestra may require.

How is the Allegro different?

The Allegro fits all orchestra musicians, strings, winds, brass etc. It is the first orchestra chair made of aluminum, with height and seat adjustments, and choice of back support styles.

How is it designed specifically for musicians?

The most defining difference is the back support positioned at 95 degrees. All musicians notice immediate support and comfort with the Allegro – favourite comment, “Ahhhhhh.”

The back supports of conventional chairs slope backward to ensure stackability but are detrimental to a performer’s posture. When the musician leans back, more stress is placed on the spine and trouble may result. The Allegro back support meets your body.

The back support is separate from the frame and can have a straight bar, a 2″ or 4″ bend. The back support is removable when desired. All back support bars fit into a special plate on the seat bottom. We have recently designed the lower end of the bar with a slot which allows 2″ in/out positioning. The entire back support can be moved in or out, whatever suits the individual musician’s preference. When the back support is placed in the best position, the handwheel under the seat is simply tightened. The Allegro Chairs just became that much simpler, yet more comfortable and versatile! This does not impede stacking.

Your choice of back bars to suit your body type, your instrument, and your way of playing in fixed or adjustable back support. Some have wondered if the back bar is one bar, which does all the variations of straight, 2″, 4″. Each back bar is separate in function from the others. Some musicians have ordered more than one bar for their own satisfaction and comfort.

Adjustable Back – up to 2″(5cm) vertical adjustment:

* straight “tall” places the back cushion higher;

* straight “regular” fits most people;

* back bar with 2″ bend brings the back cushion partway into seat for sitting forward;

* back bar with 4″ bend for those who like to sit well forward, the back support meets you.

Fixed Back:

* straight “regular” only.

Obviously, for stacking, the back supports with 2″(5cm) or 4″(10cm) bend cannot be stacked but are well suited to pit orchestra or individual studio. They can, however, be stacked as the top chair.

One frame, adjustable leg extensions:

* The Allegro leg extensions are solid aluminum, anodized, no rust, no sticking, no fuss.

* The leg extensions have threaded holes at 1″(2.5cm) increments, easily tightened, no wobble, maximum stability and comfort.

* The leg extensions ensure easy ordering: one frame with height adjustment via leg extensions means an orchestra can have any number of different heights at any given time, whereas, if you are required to purchase chairs in three separate heights, it is hard to determine what number of each will satisfy future needs. The Allegro is one frame, one size, with regular, medium and tall heights built it. The leg exensions are designed to be set ahead of time (usually by the stage crew or we can preset before shipping) to regular, medium or tall height. The Allegro are then set out on stage according to the players’ preference. Individual musician can still easily re-adjust the Allegro on stage. This method ensures more stability and longer life.

* 1″ round welded frame; black polyester powder-coated finish, resilient to changes in temperature, durable.

* Foot print of Allegro (at regular height) 20.5″(52cm) width x 21″(53.3cm) depth.

* Height range floor to top of back cushion: 30″(76.5cm) to 35.5″(89cm) depending on leg extension and back bar settings.

* View chart for height ranges with leg extensions (on Allegro web page). Custom height ranges available.

* For those who sit very low, the leg extensions can be removed and the rubber tips applied to the chair itself.

Facts about ultra-light aluminum:

* Before a steel-frame chair is even shipped, it is rusting inside. In normal usage, a musician’s chair is subjected to many changes in temperature (taking the chairs on the road, indoors/outdoors, storage/onstage). This increases the rate of rusting and the gradual breakdown of the chair. Longevity of the product is affected.

* Aluminum does not rust. There is no sticking, no fussing, no maintenance with the leg extensions. The leg extensions are manually adjusted (this is far more effective than spring-type adjustments which stick, breakdown and involve constant maintenance to sand and smooth the rust).

* Aluminum is 50% lighter than steel. Entire chair (with back support) is 13.2 pounds or 6.0 kgs. Back is removable for travelling.

* More information about Aluminum

* With all the advantages of aluminum, it is also more costly. Our prices do not reflect the high cost of the materials we use. We do not cut quality on any of our products, but consistently look for the best and refine and improve no matter the cost.

More facts about back support:

* Back upright steel bar is 2.35″(6cm) semi-hardened steel to allow some flexibility without bending.

* Available in straight (tall or regular), 2″(5cm) bend or 4″(10cm) bend.

* The back upright bar and attached cushion support is separate from the frame (removes by screws under the seat). This means that the individual musician can choose the back support with degree of back bend for maximum benefit to their personal style of sitting for performance.

* View new Allegro back types for extra support.

* The new style back upright is specially designed for the individual musician, chamber group, string quartets, pit orchestra where stacking is not essential.

* Violinists, cellists, guitarists, viola da gamba, all musicians can bring the back support right to the lumbar.

* Adjustable-back model allows musician up to 2″(5cm) vertical adjustment of back support.

* Fixed back model for those who prefer the assurance of a fixed back.

Facts about seat:

* The Allegro seat is level. For musicians who wish a forward slope, this can be done before the Allegro is shipped, or we can include information and a kit to do this on site.

* Allegro seat size 15.75″(40cm) width x 16.25″(41cm) depth.

Custom Design:

Your orchestra may wish the back support to be wider or higher, larger or smaller. Speak with Sal at Concert Design. We are more than willing to discuss any request. We incorporate your ideas making the Allegro at your orchestra truly unique, truly ‘your’ chair.

Similarly, you may wish the seat different, too much or too little padding; if it’s not quite right for you, we make it work for you. The Allegro chair on the web page is our standard; however, the Allegro is purposely designed to merge your ideas with ours. The Allegro is truly the best!

Summing up:

Concert Design was the first to realize the vertical placement of the back support was crucial to the musician’s well being. The back support of the Allegro is positioned at 95 degrees; however, stacking the Allegro presented a design challenge. Concert Design never compromises where a musician’s health is concerned. The side bars are beautiful, setting a modern, elegant contemporary look while unobtrusively providing stackability and adding strength. The longevity of aluminum, coupled with beautiful design, adds up to the cadillac of orchestra chairs.

All components, including the high quality padding and fabric of the Concert Design Allegro work together to provide optimum comfort and much-needed support for the musician. Call us for trial samples. Dolly cart system to move 8 stacked Allegro.

All Concert Design products are “Made in Canada” with total attention and supervision of every detail of construction and material used.

Allegro stackable orchestra chairs that look after your body and extend your music career!

View chart of Allegro Chair heights with different size aluminum leg extensions.

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