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Allegro Performance Chairs




The “new” ergonomic, ultra-light and stackable Concert Design Allegro,modern, classy and stylish with a ‘take note’ look onstage. Carefully designed first for musicians’ health and comfort, the Allegro has a beautiful profile. Stage crews are important also – the lightweight aluminum frame facilitates handling without sacrificing durability (50% lighter than steel-frame chairs).

New Allegro Chairs debut in Winnipeg.
Wawanesa Insurance provides the WSO musicians with innovative support
from Concert Design.

See the Concert Design Allegro in performance at:

NBC Universal, New York, NY (Allegro) (2017);

MS Riviera Ship, Norwegian Cruise Lines (Allegro) (2017);

National Film Board of Canada (Allegro; Maestro Chair) (2017);

Oceania Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines (Explorer Ship)
(Allegro; ‘concert’ basso; Interval Piano Chairs; Workstation Chairs) (2016);

Oceania Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines (MS Sirena Ship and MS Riviera Ship) (Allegro; Interval Piano Chairs) (2016);

Stadacona Band, Dept of National Defence, Maritime Forces Atlantic
(Allegro) (2015);

Prestige Cruise Holdings, Oceania Cruises (Voyager Ship)
(Allegro, Interval Piano Chairs, ‘concert’ Basso) (2014);

NBC Universal, New York, NY (Allegro) (2014);

Prestige Cruise Holdings, Oceania Cruises (Navigator Ship)
(Allegro, Interval Piano Chairs, grand piano lights) (2013);

Prestige Cruise Holdings, Oceania Cruises (Riviera Ship)
(Allegro, Interval Piano Chairs, grand piano lights) (2012);

Prestige Cruise Holdings, Oceania Cruises (Oceania’s M.V. Marina)
(Allegro, Interval Piano Chairs, grand piano lights) (2010);

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (Allegro & C5 ‘gig’ basso)(2009);

Keller Auditorium, Portland Center for the Performing Arts, Portland, OR (Allegro) (2009);

Princess Cruise Lines, MV Ruby Princess (Allegro and C4’gig’ basso) (2008);

Princess Cruise Lines, MV Queen Victoria cruise ship (Allegro and C4 ‘gig’ basso) (2007);

Oceania Cruises (Allegro and ‘gig’ basso) (2007 Regatta Ship; 2006 Insignia Ship; 2005 Nautica Ship);

Our older version of Allegro at:

Cunard, the new Queen Mary 2 (Allegro and ‘gig’ basso) (2004);

Kingsway Conservatory (Toronto) (2014/2004/2002/1998);

Detroit Symphony Orchestra (first/second violin sections, cello section) (2002); Allegro chairs on-stage at Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Bogas Productions (California) (2002)

Kansas City Symphony (2000).

Individuals, too!


Concert Design customized an Allegro Chair for young cellist, Chadd Yaniw.


“As a teacher, I am seated for extended periods of time. I have found the Allegro chair from Concert Design to be the finest chair for any musician or instructor. I had been sitting on the same chair for about 12 years and was noticing troubles in the top back of my legs. The first evening I used the Allegro, I noticed the difference immediately. For the first time in a while, my legs weren’t sore or fatigued I would highly recommend the Allegro for any musician. To me, it is the finest chair on the market and it is built by musicians for musicians and you can’t get any better than that.” Pete Melkert, Socrates 62, Brantford, Ontario, Canada (2016)

“Excellent Chair! Everything is superbly crafted. I want to encourage you to continue making these excellent products, which make it so much easier to practice and perform when sitting for long periods of time. without feeling any pain in my back!” Aaron Comins, Baritone Saxophone, Manhattan Wind Ensemble, Columbia Wind Ensemble, New York, NY (2009)

“I recently purchased an “Allegro” orchestra chair from Concert Design and I like it very much. It is lighter and easier for our stage crew to move than their harp chair.After playing a week of Swan Lake and into a week of Camelot, I
can state that I am definitely pleased with this chair. I do not sit against the padded chair back while playing, but rather on the middle and front edge. However, the back rest is very comfortable for sitting/leaning against while waiting to play.”
Rosalind Beck, Principal Harp Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra (2007)

“Thank you for developing such a wonderful chair. I am particularly pleased with the padded seat as it provides a maximum level of comfort I don’t feel from other chairs.” Jennifer Moore, flute player (2007)