Meet Josephine van Lier, Edmonton, Alberta

Sue is a repeat customer whose studio is equipped with Concert Design Piano Chair, Pearl*Lite Grand Piano Lamp, as well as Allegro Chairs and Pearl*Lite Performance Lamp.

boy on piano chair

Check out the posture on this young man!

Sue writes “the piano chair has served me well and five years later still looks new. In the studio, I have it combined with an adjustable ‘exercise stepper’ for small children to rest their feet. Doesn’t get much better! Thank you, Concert Design!” (2008)

Concert Design writes: This piano chair, purchased five years ago, has our previous anti-rotation clamps on the gas shock (2 PVC clamps total). Any piano chair can be updated to our restyled anti-swivel method of only one clamp at the top of the pedestal shock. It is exciting to see that the chair is performing well. Designed to last!

NOTE FROM CONCERT DESIGN: The back support is placed correctly and supports the back without conflicting with arm movement. The Interval Piano Chair augments proper posture, maintaining and supporting the body. The piano, after all, is played with fingers, the body and arms support the hands and fingers. The waterfall design of the front seat edge is extremely important in preventing future medical problems; a slight forward tilt is important also. More of the seat pan can be used when a forward tilt is used. This eliminates ‘perching’ on the seat edge to angle the legs properly to the pedals.

grand piano lamp

Concert Design Pearl*Lite grand piano lamp.

Sue writes, “The grand piano lamp is not only a brilliant solution, but it’s discreet size won’t interfere with any other lines of communication. Sal supplied me with a different style of clamp which attaches directly to the harp itself (my music desk doesn’t have the usual back bar). It’s been 100% solid and does not interfere with either the dampers or the positioning of the desk. As an added bonus, in this alternative position, it also serves as a terrific task light for your piano tuner!”