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Sal and Lois Musicians’ performance products designed by musicians for musicians. Toronto-based Concert Design specializes in performance products that take the physical comfort of musicians to a new level. The ideas for Concert Design products developed from our own needs as musicians and from listening to the needs of other musicians. Our products care for the body and are as thoughtfully and finely crafted as a beautiful instrument. Concert Design performance products compliment your excellent achievements.

Sal Porretta and Lois Stouffer
of Concert Design 1994

Josephines Cellos
Courtesy Josephine van Lier.

Concert Design customized an Allegro Chair for young cellist, Chadd Yaniw.

Patti Loach and friends

Patti Loach and Friends

Hi Sal and Lois, Thought I’d send along a picture of your piano light in action at Paul Hahn and Co., in Toronto. I’m at the piano of course, with singers Jean Stilwell and Patricia Zentilli.

Lois playing piano

Happy harpists gather at home of Anita Leschied, Woodslee, ON, Feb 19/06
(that’s Lois beside Anita; Deb Ethier is far left, Sal is taking the picture).

Lois playing piano

Lois rehearsing at First St. Andrews, London, Ontario, April 17, 2004 Piano Chair and Pearl*Lite piano lamp mounted on side of piano desk with battery pack.

Jerry Pritchard Sal at Buffalo Philharmonic
Jerry Pritchard, San Bernardino, California, “I think the Performance Light is a great invention! It really puts out the light without blinding one’s neighbour – and the long cord is right on!” check out The Flute Network Sal “onstage” at Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra setting up the “Basso” Performance Chairs for the bass section.
Buffalo Philharmonic Bass Players The Buffalo Philharmonic, Bass Section with ‘concert’ Basso Performance chairs by Concert Design.
Paul Bresciani
We searched for new bass chairs for two years. When we found the Concert Design ‘Basso’, we knew immediately this was what we wanted. Our choice had to be more than fully-adjustable; the chair we chose had to be rock solid. Our entire section whole-heartedly endorses the Concert Design ‘concert’ Basso.”

Paul Bresciani, principal bassist, Buffalo Philharmonic 2005

hand made music stands Handmade music stands, exotic woods by John Haas, Buffalo Philharmonic, also shown below. Musicstands
grand solo music stand Grand Solo music stand with Pearl*Lite Halogen Performance Lamp.
John Haas John Haas John Haas of the Buffalo Philharmonic: “I’m sitting on a ‘concert’ Basso chair by Concert Design, it feels so Good!”Musicstands
ton” border=”2″ /> “The thoughtful design and comfort level of the “Basso” make it the best available anywhere. I recommend the Basso to all players, amateur and professional. I guarantee the bass player will not find a superior stool.”, principal bassist, National Arts Centre Orchestra.
Daniel and Carey Domb I love the support and comfort the Concert Design Performance Chair gives me in my cello performing and practicing. The adjustability of the Chair gives me perfect seating.Carey and Daniel Domb teach and perform as a guitar and cello duo. Carey & Daniel Domb, Toronto, Ontario Canada.”

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Concert Design has chosen the finest components available to provide many years of use complimenting your own commitment to excellence.