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harp chair

Interval Piano Bench Chair
with standard 26" spider base

truly ergonomic, multi-adjustable


for unsurpassed physical support through long hours of practice, rehearsal and performance (shown with back removed, back support is always included).
This chair is perfect for musicians of all instruments.

seat dimensions: 21" width x 18" depth (53cm x 46cm)

choice of height ranges:
6" pneumatic shock 17"-21.5" (43.2-54.6cm)
7" pneumatic shock 19"-23" (48.3-58.4cm)

Weight 33 lb or 15 kg with back support.

Beautiful and elegant onstage in performance or in the studio.

Teachers can quickly position the Chair to an individual student's physical requirements - an irreplaceable feature.

View Piano Chair with back.

View Piano Chair with and without back.

$690USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

harp chair no back rest

Interval Piano Bench Chair
with low profile base is
truly ergonomic, multi-adjustable

Optional low profile base allows one to sit 1.5" lower

seat dimensions: 21" width x 18" depth (53cm x 46cm).

choice of height ranges:
With 6" pneumatic shock 16"-20" (40.6-50.8cm)
With 7" pneumatic shock 17.5"-21.5" (44.4-54.6cm)

View Piano Chair with back.

$690USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

harp chair no back rest

Interval Orchestra Bench Chair
with 25" spider base

ergonomic, multi-adjustable

for pianists (back detachable for performing), violinists, wind players,
guitar, accordion, keyboard, all orchestral and church performers.

seat dimensions: 19" width x 18" depth (48cm x 46cm);
choice of height ranges:
6" pneumatic shock 19"-23" (48.3-58.4cm)
7" pneumatic shock 20"-24"(50.8-61cm)

View picture of Arpeggio.

$690USD (USD = U.S. Dollars)

Measure for height range: measure the chair or bench you currently use from floor to top front edge, including padding, if any. This height should be at the mid-point of the height ranges shown. Please call us to discuss.

NEW Review of Interval Piano Chair by Paul Leu.

Sal Porretta talks about the piano chair development.

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