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piano chair, piano bench
Piano Bench/Chair

harp chair, harp bench
HarpCello Chair

harp chair, harp bench
H5 'gig' HarpCello Stool

harp stool
'gig' Harpcello Stool
Aluminum Frame

child bass stool
C4 bass stool for children 22" Aluminum Frame.

4 leg bass stool
C4 'gig' Basso
Aluminum Frame

bass chair'concert' Basso Chair
timpani chair
'timpani' Chair

Welcome to Concert Design

Musicians need chairs specifically designed
for them and their craft

Announcement to harpists.
We have a limited number of Celtic Harp Chairs designed especially for celtic harpers and musicians who require low seating (13"-16" height range).

More details.

 Piccolo harp chair

Celtic Harp Performance Chair
Limited number of this attractive chair
specially priced as quantity lasts.
Low profile 20" base, height range 13"-16".
Full details on Celtic Harp page.
We are also making an additional offer - see our Celtic Harp page.

Harp Chair Collage.
Interval HarpCello Chairs

Click on the HarpCello Chair icon for details and features.

The Interval HarpCello Chair is the perfect chair for harp or cello, even piano or guitar or drum; the design technology ensures that this chair will fit every person's body size, their instrument, and their style of performance. Colour fabrics available. For easy portability, we provide the H5 'gig' HarpCello stool. Click on the icon for details and features.

"The interval harp chair is a bargain if you value your health and comfort. I immediately noticed fewer aches and pains in my back and shoulders, as well as much less fatigue. Plus, it is easy to adjust for other players. The back support allows my upper body to relax more, which makes it easier to play well and for longer periods. It makes playing the harp, even for extended periods, comfortable and enjoyable. Do yourself a huge favour: Buy this chair! Your body and mind will thank you for it." Laura Sherman, harpist with the Broadway production of WICKED, Laura Sherman

Interval HarpCello Chair

Josephines Cellos
Courtesy Josephine van Lier. (Low profile base; taller height)

Josephine writes: "I just wanted to say thank you for my interval cello chair. I find it absolutely perfect and love the chair a lot! I even took your chair on tour with me this spring: I played all six Bach cello suites on 4 different cellos; six suites per concert during an extensive concert tour through Alberta. 4 cellos, 1 chair! And that all in one little car... I also used it while recording the six Bach suites. I can't imagine life without it anymore! I also love that I can adjust it so easily; while listening to a student play, I bring the back support further back, and when I am playing, the back support comes further forward. I want less tilt with my baroque cello and complete tilt with my modern cello. It is so easy to adjust. Thanks again!"Josephine van Lier, cellist, performer, teacher, Recipient of the Celebration of Women in the Arts Award from the Edmonton Arts Council. Josephine's web site


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